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EveryGame lets you create and play virtually any board game on your iPad (or iPhone / iPod Touch).

It comes with many of the classics, like Backgammon, Chess, and Go. It also comes with Eurogame inspired titles, like Cities of Calvino and Pirates Vs Ninjas. But most excitingly, by writing a specially formatted text file, and creating images for the board and pieces, you can digitize your existing collection, or create brand new games out of your own imagination.

What it lets you do:
  • Play a limitless collection of boardgames, wherever you are
  • For games that require it, hide hands offscreen on expandable tabs
  • Expand your digital collection, by creating or downloading new games
  • Save many states for each game, and restore them later to continue a game, or to playback and explore different moves
  • Share games with your friends -- or even submit them to be included with a future release.

What it doesn’t do:
  • Verify the legality of moves
  • Provide an AI to play against
  • Uploading your own games requires iOS 3.2 or 4.0

EveryGame is really just like any physical travel game pack — you still need to enforce the rules, and find players for yourself. But unlike physical games, EveryGame will let you carry your entire collection with you, and keep the state of each game saved so that you can pick it up at a moment’s notice. With an ever expanding board game model under the hood, it has a full notion of pieces, board spaces, and game history. And unlike your actual game cupboard, App Store updates will keep delivering new free games into your collection!