Hi! I'm Eggy, or EGE -- the EveryGame Engine. I'm doing all of the hard work behind the scenes so that you can play your game. Let me show you some of the neat things we can do!

To start a game, pick it from the right hand column on the main screen. I'll get all the pieces out and set up the board for you.

Once the game is displayed, find a partner, and start playing! In most games, you'll drag pieces between spots on the board to move them. When a piece has a front and a back, you can normally double tap it to turn it over. Decks can normally be shuffled by tapping them four times. Sometimes single and triple taps do things too. To find out for sure, top the Options tab, and the Rules button This will show both the rules to the game, and any special EveryGame instructions.

The Options tab also lets you save, load, or restart your game. Normally, Save isn't needed -- I'll remember how the board was set up, and automatically let you pick up where you left off. So if you start a game of Checkers but don't finish, you could go play another game inside EveryGame, or go run other Apps on your iPad. The next time you restart Checkers, it'll be just the way you left if. To start over, click Restart Game in the Options tab. I'll set everything up from scratch, but save what you had as "last_game" -- just in case.

However, perhaps you want to go back and experiment with how a game would turn out if a different decision was made. You can save your game at any point, and come back to it later with the Save and Load Options.

It's not just the locations of pieces that's saved, but also every move that you have made. If you click on the History tab, you'll get an option to move backwards and forwards through all of the moves in a game. If you load up a game, you can literally play it back from the very first move! At any time, you can close the menu and start the game from that point.

I know how to play many games to start out, but you can always teach me more. If you want to make you're own, read the "Create a New Game" instructions on the main screen. However, perhaps you've just downloaded one from the Internet. Here's how to load it into EveryGame:

  • Plug in your iPad
  • First, make sure all of the files start with "[gamename]_"
  • Open iTunes
  • Click on your iPad in the left hand column
  • Click on the Apps tab in the right hand window
  • Scroll to the File Sharing Section at the bottom
  • Select EveryGame from the Apps menu on the left
  • Click the Add... button below the EveryGame Documents window
  • The "Choose a file" dialog box will appear
  • Select all your files (the shift / command key helps here!)
  • Click the "Choose" button on the dialog box
  • The files will now be copied to EveryGame
  • The next time that you start EveryGame from the Home Screen, your game should be ready to play!